Monday, 12 August 2013


otherwise known as Cornwall

A little break in August.    
Biblical rain, stormy skies, cold and damp.
Moody photos!

 the view from Tate  St. Ives
on an unusually sunny evening

this is more the colour of the week

the writing on the slate 'don't forget your shoes'
the photo was taken early in the morning
I wonder if they were found later

a tower of slate, balanced precariously

we stayed in a small cottage near Fowey.  In lieu of rent, we looked
 after the garden (no watering required) and fed the chickens

Pedro and Snow White, as named by young Ben, despite the fact 
they both produced a delicious egg every day
we loved the chickens!

back to Dorset where it is much warmer, and the sun is shining

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