Friday, 3 December 2010

Back to civilisation

For the past ten days or so we have travelled to Jaisalmer,
east to Khichan to see the Siberian cranes in their 1000s.
Down to Pali, across to the middle of nowhere, etc. etc.
Now back in Udaipur, and in contact with the world.  

More of our journey later, in the meantime, a little bit
of desert outside Jaisalmer.

There were lots of these

A camel at rest, Sam Dunes.
Saddle and trappings in the foreground.

Along the way we happened upon a
wedding - no photos please. However,
this little groups were happy to have
their photo taken.

Meanwhile this young man needed his
picture taken too.  For some reason he
is carrying a pan of red hot charcoal.
Decided that rather than have him
leaning over the car boot and  petrol tank, 
far better to remove him to a safe distance!

A chatri in the middle of the lake.
I do have a picture of huge catfish
rising to take bread, but it is not a
pretty sight.

So, now it is dark,the temple bells are
ringing - time to change for dinner on
the roof.  I am wearing a vest against 
the chill.   Caught up with the news
that the UK and Europe are freezing.
We return home on Monday - think I
will wish I am still in Indian.

More tomorrow.

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