Tuesday, 14 December 2010


We woke to look out on the sunrise, and the Aravelli  
Hills all around us.  What a delight.  Now, I must say 
I have been in love with this range of hills, running 
from west Rajasthan to the outskirts  of Dehli - first
encountered from a train window.  They remind me
of a child's drawing.   Roughly the shape of a
triangle, with trees growing on the edge.  In the
winter, when the leaves have fallen,
they could be giant hedgehogs.

A view with the small town of Todgarh in the
background.   There is a Christian church on
the summit of the hill.  Interesting.  On my
return I did a bit of research, and now wish
we had made our way up there.  The original
village of Barsawada was renamed by the 
Maharaja of Udaipur in recognition of the
work done by Colonel James Tod, a survey
officer with the East India Company.  For
more info www.ecopanions.com - Walk in
the Wild.

Meanwhile, back in the haveli.  It should
be completed early next year.  In the
meantime we had air conditioning, that
is the main room downstairs had door and
window frames, all lacking glass and
the essential doors!  It will be a wonderful
place to stay if you want to get away from
it all.   Here's a link www.hillvalleyresort.com

We spent the morning relaxing, having a bit
of a wander with the binoculars.  After lunch
a trip around the villages.

The land in the valley is so fertile.
This is the season for ploughing
and planting.

Blue house with washing.  It almost
blends with the sky

collecting water

village temple

Nice window

Sunset over the Aravelli Hills

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Sujata said...

I must say that I enjoyed reading your blog! Loved the pictures and thanks for sharing them. A lot of my inspirations come from India too. Your pictures make me want to go home again!

Happy New Year!