Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm cold!

We arrived back in the UK last night.  Brrrrr.  It's 
cold here! I am way behind with my postings of our 
journey, totally out of contact with the world, which 
was great!   The weather in Rajasthan was perfect; 
not too hot during the day, and the evenings were 
cool enough for a good nights sleep, although the
locals, towards the end of our trip, were wearing
thick jumpers and jackets.  They couldn't 
understandthat we didn't find it cold.

To Patricia and Deanna who commented on my
last post.  The textiles were photographed in 
Jaisalmer. The salesman was very excited when 
he knew I appreciated the pieces laid out 
before me.   How wonderful they were, but he 
was asking high tourist prices.   I almost bought 
one quilt, just because.   On reflection, a couple
 of days later, and on close inspection of the 
workmanship, haggled the price down by a half 
but that was still way too much.  I declined the offer
 and he went into a major sulk.  However, we did 
spend a very pleasant morning at Krishna's.
A fabulous collection of antique textiles.  Keith 
did a photo shoot for the owner. When I get
the CD I will post pictures of fabulous pieces,
some over 150 years old.  

After visiting Jodphur, trying to find block printing
in Baltora, four days in Jaisalmer, Samshu
pronounced he had a special programme for us.
A road less travelled, to say the least. Eventually 
we ended up back in Udaipur.  Ahhh, a shower with 
hot water, and wifi too.

So, having unpacked, caught up with happenings
around here, I think I am for my bed.  It's around
2.30 am Indian time.   I shall keep myself warm
by posting pictures of our journey over the next
few days.  I might even catch up with some
stitching.  Would you believe I took the beginnings
of a Journal Quilt with me?  Never a stitch sewn.

Don't even mention Christmas.  This morning I had
an appointment with the hairdresser.  Hair cut much
needed, and in a fit of needing colour in this frosty
landscape, my hair is now orange!  The usual
question - are you ready for Christmas?  No!
Keith has suggested perhaps I should buy a hat.  
Why?!!!!  I rather suspect it is not for keeping
my head warm!

Temple flags.  I want them in my garden!

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