Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A train ride and the next destination

The journey started driving through the beautiful countryside.
A few kilometres along the National Highway, and a stop
at Khambli  Ghat.  We had to find the station to take a
train ride to Phulad.   A narrow gauge track, and a
price you couldn't argue with 4 rupees each (70r to £1.00).

The train arrives at Khambli Ghat

Samshu and Keith sitting comfortably 
on wooden seats - above wooden bunks

off we go

climbing up the Aravelli hills, going round bends

over bridges

a signal stop, and monkeys waiting
for food - how did they know?

fresh food being prepared for passengers

through a tunnel - no lights in the train but
a lot of exciting shouts and and laughter

fellow passengers - two young boys who were fascinated
by us.  Travelling alone they alighted from the train
just before our final destination, last seen walking
across a field presumably to their homes

a brief stop high up in the hills

finally we reach Phulad, and there is the driver
waiting for us.  The thing is, it took us near on
two hours to complete the journey of 15k, and 
by road it takes 20 minutes - but it was fun!

So back to the National Highway, lunch at
a dhaba house - delicious - and on we go.
After a while we turned off the main road,
and were soon back in the country side.
Eventually we arrived at our next haveli.


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