Sunday, 26 December 2010

snow dyeing

I missed the first fall of snow at the end of December.
I read accounts of snow dyeing and wished I could
have experimented.  My wish came true.

I had some left over dye solution - magenta, golden
yellow and black - and soda ash mix.  These have been
sitting in the freezing conservatory for a few weeks.
I deduced that since cold snow was involved it
was worth a go.   The whole process seems to fly in
the face of warm dyes and batching fabric in warmth.

So gathering the other ingredients - old linen sheet,
washing up bowl, and a metal baking mesh, I dug
up snow crystals and added dye.  My fingers were
frozen;  a unknown hole in gloves added a
festive look to my thumb (magenta).

Bowl placed in the frozen Big Shed - who knew
it would be so useful!   The next day it was still
pretty frozen, so it was brought into the slightly
less cold conservatory.


Interesting patterns - the linen probably too loose a weave
to hold 'scrunching'.  The black just did not work.

 Unexpected consequences - the mesh backing sheet
produced rust marks.

I must have another go.  I am pretty sure we will have
more snow to play with before the winter has finished.


tina said...

I have never heard of this type of dying's beautiful!
so glad to have found your blog...a festive holiday season to you :)

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Tina, nice to meet you. Your blog is great too!