Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lakes, jungles and even more temples

The snake road, this only half of it.  Winding it's way down to 
the valley.  Built by the British about 150 years ago it's an 
amazing feat of  engineering.

Into a nature reserve.  Very quiet, I rather suspect we were
a bit late - way past breakfast time.  So unlike the usual
reserves, it was free and nobody but us and the
inhabitants, where ever they were.  We actually got out
and walked - heard a toucan, found the pug mark
of a leopard, and just caught sight of a mongoose.

Lots of small temples along the roads.

and lakes

plenty of bird life, huge frogs and monitor lizards.
Small villages,  folk working the land, some
cheeky monkeys.  Very little traffic.  All
very peaceful and relaxing.

Supper a little delayed - power cut and a generator
which needed a jump start.  So, what to do?
The evening was a little chilly.  Have a bonfire 
of course with all the bits of wood laying around.
So, about ten of us sat around chatting and
drinking beer under the velvet black sky. 
Certainly no light pollution here.  I loved
seeing all those stars.

Eventually the generator started up and we left
the bonfire to sit down to delicious curries.
 The chefserved fabulous food during our stay,
and we were the only guests.  Very exclusive!

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Kate said...

Oh my how I love your ramblings! Wonderful trip it must be. Thank you so much for sharing with us on the other side of the world. Pure magic!