Friday, 10 December 2010

The Golden City

First view of the Fort at Jaisalmer, rising majestically from the desert.
Made from sandstone, the buildings inside are intricately carved.
Old havelis, former palaces now guesthouses or shops for tourists.
Bedazzling patchwork and embroidery at top end prices, and
low end quality.  As ever the cows and groups of tourists.

The town as seen from the fort, with the desert in
the background.   We were here around ten years
ago and it really hasn't changed that much.  No
high rise buildings on the outskirts like Jodphur.

Our rooms on the north end of the fort wall.
The bathroom to the left, the middle is a little
balcony seat with a very long drop.  Not for
those with vertigo, and the other little window
is the bedroom.   Simla Haveli, full of nooks
and crannies, lots of stairs too high for my
legs!  Good exercise though.   Bucket and jug
to replace the single drip shower and cold
water.  Bathing the Indian way and it is good!

over the garden wall

typical window

Quilts, embroidery, scarves etc. etc.  Always
pestered to come and look for fear of breaking
hearts.  Oh, they do have a good line of patter.

Musicians fading in the sun

Very early in the morning at the foot of
the fort. Waiting for the car to start our next 
adventure.  No one about except a few cows 
looking for breakfast.   This little calf all on
it's own looking for it's mother.  A bit of a 'ahh' 
moment, enjoying being petted by Keith.

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