Wednesday, 31 December 2008

For the curious!    Things on the hall table.

Papier mache boxes from Kashmir

Chapati rollers, thread bobbins and spoons from Kutch

Lacquerware - detail

See you next year

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


diary - to avoid disappointment do not even attempt to design
or stitch until the sun returns to shine through window.

A little preview

The indigo fabric seems to relate to the frosty weather
outside, but holds memories of the few good 'indigo
days' of the summer.   Far and few between this year.

Now for a coffee, then to sort out backing and wadding
ready to spend the day quilting.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

A warm corner under the stairs

A cold morning in Poole Park

Afternoon in the kitchen - the sun has returned

Friday, 19 December 2008

Winter Blues

I should be really busy, deadlines, Christmas et al.  I find I have gone into hibernation!   I have also lost two pairs of reading glasses in the last couple of days, and had to have a long loved ring cut of my finger - so that was why my fingers were feeling strangely painful!

Before the gloom set in I gave a talk to the local Embroiderers' Guild on Indian travels/textiles.   Big adventure, projector and laptop, no more 20th century slide shows.  The way to go.

The view of the evening sun set is no longer visible from my kitchen window, but the shortest day is soon upon us, and on the 28th December the sun will come peeping through the window again.

I have found displacement activities, instead of getting on with a couple of hangings due to be completed the first week in January. Keith has decorated the hall, red wallpaper.  It's gorgeous, warm and cozy. Pictures and textiles slowly being added to the walls. 

A positive attitude

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Taking time out

posted very soon.

So best wishes to you all, thanks for visiting my blog in 2008.
Not quite the first anniversary yet, but I have enjoyed blogging.
I've made contact with some amazing people, and found equally
amazing blogs.   All very enriching.   Thanks for comments made,
I really appreciated them.    Peace and love for 2009.


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Suddenly it's December

This last week has fairly whizzed by.   So what have I been doing?

Preparation for Shibori Workshop on Saturday, which went very well.
Tidying up and putting away after workshop.   Housework catch up.

On Sunday it was very cold - hibernation time.   I 'found' an
unfinished quilt made way back in the mist of time.
Log cabin format, with plain blue and blue/white Japanese
fabric, boringly quilted in blue thread.  (I hadn't  broken out then).
A good opportunity to sit with a quilt over my lap and re-stitch.

The threads are varigated and very bright, the colours don't 
show up here, but it's looking better already.   The quilting pattern
 is taken from a sashiko design, based on the Japanese fabrics 
I recall.   Could I find the template?  Of course not, although 
I have a vague memory of throwing it away during the 
Spring clear out!   A back to basics thing, with a little head 
scratching drafting a new template.

Radio 4 was particularly good listening - Desert Island Discs, 
Gardeners' Question Time, and a new  classic serial
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.   Not one for poetry I enjoyed
the programme on the poem "Ithaca" by C.P.Cavafy.  I came
across passages from the poem in a book I read when in
India.   It's about travelling to Ithaca, but not being a hurry,
to enjoy the journey, and on arrival not to be disappointed
with your destination, but to rejoice in what you have learnt
and seen on the way.

This delightful wooden piece was found on our travels.   
The Maharaja, Mahout and Elephant are all in a
'distressed' state.    Where is the Maharani?
Has she gone shopping? Have they been looking
for her, on an eternal quest?