Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I found some cloth I had dye painted and discharged a few years back.   It never did work.
So, with the batik pot to hand I did this

wavy lines and spots

after a few dips in the indigo vat it now looks like this
better than before   if nothing else it will make a good backing cloth

a little pile of indigo pieces

it is raining the garden is loving it
no more dyeing for a week or so
we've off to Cornwall for a break

Monday, 29 July 2013

The indigo workshop was very one to one, in fact lots of ones - one cancellation and one no show.   Never mind, it was an 'extra' day since both other indigo workshops are full.  

Catherine and I had a brilliant time.  We spread out, the batik pot on one table, shibori things on another.    The gazebo erected to shield us from the sun/monsoon downpours.
Hot and steamy the vat was wonderful.

I had time to prepare some pieces and a pleated pole wrap.   I took photos of the process.

 wrapped and pleated cloth

second dip - the cloth is changing colour  - love the green

third dip, and this time I am manipulating the vat so the fabric at
the bottom of the pole connects with the indigo  
two more dips and it's done

Time to take more photos of cloth on the line.    Oops, too late the heavens opened.

good timing though, half an hour before the end of the workshop
fortunately most of the dyed cloth was under the gazebo
only a little run into the house

pleated pole wrap washed and ironed


eventually this piece is destined for my Indigo Shop
size 21" x 44" -   54cm x 125cm
if you are interested, mail me

Monday, 22 July 2013


The Messy Day workshop on Saturday was a challenge.   I made gelatin plates for every one.  Thankfully there were two extra in the fridge.    Did you know that they can melt in the sun?    We were in shade, with the fan on, and it was kind of hot(!).  As a result the plates became ever so slightly more wobbly than they should have been.

Very good exercise for me, up and down stairs to the fridge.  Within half an hour or so, lovely solid  gelatin again.   Oh, lovely prints.   To busy to take photos.   

It's about a year since I last made gelatin plates, and since then I have acquired a Gelli Printing Plate.   Students asked me why bother when you can purchase a printing plate?  Apart from the expense, making the plate from gelatin powder is not difficult.   Another plus, it is so organic, developing scratches and marks.  Then there are the 'death cracks' or near deconstructed plates, all offering unintentional design possibilities.

There was some printing using a silk screen with flour and water paste, then making small samples of laminated paper.      

Oh, the joy of our unpredictable weather.  Hard to believe that a month ago I was battling wind and rain, erecting the gazebo at the back of a village hall for an indigo workshop.  Still
it keeps you on your toes!

Saturday is another indigo day with possibly tropical conditions.  Hey ho!

One I made earlier, like two years ago!
Note to self.   Do more!  It's great creative fun,
and my students produced some wonderful 
prints.    Think I will wait to make my gelatin
plate until it is a little cooler.

Time for a cup of tea in a shady room.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Monday, 15 July 2013

in the post

Two Journal Quilts have started on their journey to the Festival of Quilts.
I was so pleased that they were chosen, with many others, to be displayed
 at the Contemporary Quilt Group stand.

Germination - March 2013

Bloomin' Spring - May 2013

Meanwhile, enjoying this fantastic weather.  Slowly doing things,
no rush, well it's too hot to rush!    My Messy Day workshop this
weekend is going to be interesting.   Gelli plate printing and mono 
printing might be a challenge, thinking acrylic/textile paints 
drying in the heat.     We will have to be quick workers!

An 'extra' indigo workshop a week Saturday, and with the 
hot weather looking to continue it should be a good one.
Still a couple of places left.   Contact me if you are interested.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

a few bits of indigo and rust dyeing from this morning
when it was relatively cool - now it too hot to think

Friday, 12 July 2013

The indigo workshop last Saturday was absolutely brilliant.     The vat was warm and delicious.   Students dyed yards of cloth.  I promised to take photos, oops to busy having fun, and I am a little cross with myself!

Will and Ben arrived late afternoon.  Later after tidying up, we enjoyed supper on the balcony.   So nice to sit outside on a summer's evening.

Up early to drive to Portland Bill.   Will was taking part in the 10k race.   With temps up to 24c and the course involving hills I had nothing but admiration for all the runners.

ready for the off

After the race we stopped off at Chesil beach for an ice cream, then back home for a roast  chicken dinner.   Crazy choice given the weather!   Ben provided the new potatoes and sugar snap peas he planted in our vegetable plot.     Of course, we had to watch the gentlemen's final at Wimbledon.   Great cheers on his win.

I revived the indigo vat.   Time to introduce Ben the wonders of dyeing his own t shirts.

First he had to do a magic dance

first dip - a great deal of concentration going on here

 second dip

Will and Ben at the reveal
that was great fun, and lovely to watch Ben's face
when the t shirt was opened out

suspect the Procion dyes will be out for his next visit

decisions, decisions - what to wear?

I've been taking it easy this week, enjoying the warmth,  tending to the garden,  a little shibori on cloth to be dyed with ferrous sulphate (rust), and some to be given the Black K salt treatment tomorrow.       Then may be more shibori under the sun, it's such perfect indigo weather, must take advantage of it!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


After the flurry of workshops hither and thither, won't you know it, the back is complaining.
So I have been taking it a little easy this past week.    

There was the Shisha workshop here last Saturday, under the new amazing conservatory roof, which as promised, made the room cooler under the hot sun. 

   Rabari mirrorwork 

Rabari mirror work, so colourful and beautifully stitched

Coffee with my friend Jenny, then a wander around Wimborne.   I understand walking is good for your back, probably when it is not 'out'!    Helping to stick labels on envelopes for CQG newsletter with Barbara, Hilary and Fran.   In between, quilting and surface stitching the kurta quilt, whilst resting my back.     The end is in sight, inasmuch as most of the pieced top is stitched.

Last day of 'term' with my friends at Walford Mill tomorrow.   I will set up my indigo vat,
ready for dyeing after our yummy lunch.    The sun is going to shine and it will be warm, with no rain forecast.

On Friday a date with the chiropractor to scrunch me back into shape.   It's not much fun having one leg slightly shorter than the other, especially if you are vertically challenged!

Saturday it will be even warmer, and possibly very HOT.   How wonderful is that?  The Indigo workshop in the garden should be magnificent!   I'll take lots of photos.

So a creaky start and a getting better week, in every sense of the word.