Friday, 21 May 2010


Since my last blog it has been a case of concentrating on the 
task to hand, escaping into my workroom and just getting on. 

On Saturday a workshop in Brockenhurst, great day, no photos,
too busy teaching.   However, the drive through the New
Forest was beautiful.   The trees in their new coats of green,
yellow gorse, or as we say in Dorset, furzey, New Forest
ponies and Highland cattle ( which were a bit of a surprise).
Didn't manage to take photos of these either, but in the
middle of Brockenhurst loads of donkeys!

Two long indigo quilts done,  still a lot of hand stitching to be
done on the third.  


My plan might be working.  We are promised 'summer' for
a few days which is great - this afternoon will find me
out there stitching in the sun.

Indigo vat tomorrow to dye some muslin and velvet.

Not all blue.   

For an absolute change of pace - painted papers
needed for the exhibition.   Do you know, I think
acrylic paints are even messier than dye.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A tad busy

So what have I been doing in May, thus far?  The past few weeks 
has seen me driving along the south coast, 120 miles to the east, 
and 70 miles to the west.   Three workshops, and in between, 
a day out with friends to the Rag Market in Honiton.  

Dyeing and stitching, for Dorset Arts Week at the end of the month.
 I am taking part in an Open Studio Event along with eighteen other 
artists at Stewarts Country Garden Centre.  On picking up 
brochures and invites at the Centre I noticed a request
for an old garden shed.   Well, we had two about to be
demolished.  Brilliant, especially as this project has been
'on hold' for some time.   I was sad to see my bike shed go,
even though it was inhabited with white skeletons of spiders,
and much evidence of multiple habitation by mice.   

Doesn't it look good?   However, the ivy covering the
door might suggest my bicycle has not been fully used
for quite a while.   Must have it overhauled and I will
make a great effort to get back in the saddle again.
The best bits of the two shed will be made into one
and become an exhibit at the Garden Centre;  a
living roof of grass and sedums, edible plants
will feature somewhere.  A noble end to a shed.

One indigo quilt finished. Machine pieced and quilted,


One on the go, for quiet hand stitching moments.
Another indigo quilt under construction.   

Two more workshops before the end of the month.
Better get my head down again!