Tuesday, 11 August 2015


The decorating is done.    Downsizing contents of room, tick.   An amazing amount of paper work, reference materials (collected from the early '90's) about to be shredded in our new shredding machine.  I mean, ideas move on and the internet is a wonderful resource.

Boxes of materials hoarded over the years.   Oh, so 20th century!   Just let it go.

Now lean and mean in the studio.   Space to think creatively.   

All the fabric in boxes has been sorted and are (a) on holiday in the textile bank, or, (b) washed  and ironed ready to be used.

I am down to two boxes of bits and gatherings.    This is where I am going to have to be very strong!   There are just some things you can't let go.   

So it might be that this collection can be reduced and then stored in the loft.  It is fortunate that Keith has decided the time has come to get rid of old studio paperwork in the loft.  Good timing!

There have been days off to get out and about.    A wonderful day in Bath with Amanda;   a family visit to Kimmeridge  - fishing, rock pools and fossil hunting

a stone with seaweed impressions on the shore at Kimmeridge
it looks as though it is printed and is quite beautiful
(size 19 x 19)

hope you are all enjoying your summer, whatever the weather