Thursday, 18 December 2014

bah humbug

'tis the season to come out of hibernation and ignore Santa Claustrophobia.

the 'tree' looking splendid against the white wall
the thick branches are the ones I dragged from Chisil beach
during the storms after last Christmas
the rest from our hazel trees
just looking at it has made me smile
and that's before it is decorated

the Christmas garden has been raided for
holly, mistletoe and ivy

a family gathering here on Saturday
a game of football on the beach
back for bowls of hot warming soup
and festive fayre

wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
and a wonderful New Year

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.    We've been back home for three weeks which have been full what with celebrations and a family gathering.     Thoughts of early hibernation came to mind - all that rain and grey skies.

Onwards and upwards.    Delved into the sewing 'basket' and discovered a pair of jeans that I had promised I would patch way back in the Spring, along with various garments that needed buttons replacing.   Felt very virtuous.

then there are the leaves, big brown soggy piles of them
not very inspiring!  

and now tidy black bags of wet leaves  and that is only from the front garden
I am thinking I should try to procure some really bright refuse bags!

the back garden will probably produce as many bags again
still, it is very good exercise lugging bags up hill and down dale

time for some colour

I never take any stitching with me on my trips instead I prefer to
sketch, make notes, take photographs and catch up with reading

this time I thought I would, however, hardly a stitch was sewn

the stitching on the old distressed cushion from 
Ghanerao  had to be recorded in stitch

oops some of the beads came home with me

I have some 'found objects' to be included at some point
meanwhile I have been researching Chemanthi Stitch which is
used as flower petals on this fragment of Indian embroidery
which I think might be Rabari from Bhuj, Kutch

I found Lakshmi Sadala's blog with a brilliant tutorial on Chemanti 
stitch, not only in pictures but also a video.    I have to admit it 
took me a few goes before I cracked it

a little stitchy sketch on the go