Thursday, 30 May 2013

bloomin' Spring

more green

raindrops on Alchemellia mollis

and now for the May Journal Quilt - direct from the sewing machine

Bloomin' Spring

Mono printed fabrics on an old sheet, painted papers, little stamps made for 
printed daises and buttercups, and, of course, a garden label fashioned from  
the tea light.  Lots of free machine stitching, and one or two French knots.    
It's been ages since my  sewing machine has had such a workout.

Next little task is to clear up my working area!   So much paper, threads, bits of
fabric - you get the picture!   Oh yes, mustn't forget to clean and oil my trusty
sewing machine.   Perhaps it also deserves a new needle!

Friday, 24 May 2013


I had a grand time with my Gelli plate, textile paints and acrylic inks.   Mark making on fabric and painting tissuetex paper.

the paper was placed on bubble wrap interesting shapes revealed

the ingredients 

now, I am not known for embracing 'green' I'm more of a 'brights' person  
guess it's looking out on the lush fresh foliage in the garden that is influencing me

the tea light?   it will play a part when I get down to constructing the Journal Quilt

right now it's out with the dye pots

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

hello world!

the last three weeks have passed in a blur

so, what have I been doing?
dyeing lots of these, plus fabric
to keep up with demand

My little emporium has been out and about.   First to the Dorset Quilters Day, and then
on Saturday an appearance at the SW Embroiderers Guild's Festival Day in Marlborough.

I will spare you pictures of lots of little bags being filled with beads, sequins, metal jingly bits, shisha and other goodies gathered on my travels

Both shows were great and I got to meet up with fellow stitchers I haven't seen in a while.

Two summer workshops here at home.  The first one on what to do with all that dyed fabric
produced last summer.    We did get a little sidetracked after looking at contemporary quilts, experiments with paper lamination were included in the workshop.    I love taking workshops at home, the day can meander in unexpected ways.

Indian applique with a great group of students - four had recently returned from a trip to Rajasthan and Gujarat,  a very Indian atmosphere indeed.   Lovely work produced by all those busy stitching fingers.

As you may imagine, cupboards and drawers were delved into over the past weeks. 

a little treasure lost, but now found

I need to have a major spring clean in there, which might include a pot or two of paint!    
My little room is bursting at the seams.

But first I have to get dyeing again.  I'm giving a talk at Romsey Quilters on Tuesday, taking along some of my quilts, Indian textiles and the travelling emporium.

Today I managed to 'play'.   My Gelli plate was unwrapped and put to use, printing fabric and papers for this month's Journal Quilt.   Must keep an eye on the date, hard to believe it's coming up to the end of the month!    I can see a busy weekend ahead.

My next Summer Workshop at home is on 8 June - Procion dyeing.   A couple of places left.
Contact me if you are interested.