Monday, 30 June 2014

happy day

The first indigo workshop on Saturday turned out, rather like the weather, brilliantly.    We were lucky to be on the edge of the thunder storms, so it was hot and humid after lunch, perfect for good indigo blues.    The gazebo was dusted down, just in case of rain.    We all reminisced about the last indigo workshop of 2013.    It poured with rain, but it was warm.   We huddled and dipped under the shelter of the gazebo.   Shrieks of laughter as the wind lifted the top to give us all an involuntary shower.    I should add 'a sense of humour and to expect the unexpected' to the Needs List.

a small bucket vat taken at a children's workshop last year

It was not until everyone went home I realised I didn't take any photos, and there were some lovely pieces hanging around the garden.      Deborah has kindly sent a photo of
indigo pieces on the washing line.

Deb's piece is the large pole wrapped cloth in the middle.   Well over a metre long and
wrapped around an industrial/office water bottle, quite an achievement!    A bit too big for a bucket though and I was reminded of my big bin vat, which was just as well. Pole wraps seemed to be the order of the day.

as I finished tidying up there were one or two big spots of rain

and  this splendid cloud formation heralded a downpour    it didn't last too long 
just enough water the garden and later dry enough to have supper outside

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

domestic stitching

The Indian bedspreads were taken to the cleaners, a little grubby and I didn't fancy the idea of washing and ironing the pair of them (290 x 290cm).   They came back sparkling white and have been sitting around for a week.

Yesterday was making the curtains day.    Fortunately I have two large workshop tables which made the task easier.

measuring and cutting first

measure twice, cut once - what was left after adjusting
the length  - enough for four cushions I think

Amazingly, although it is hand stitched applique I found
I could match the pattern (almost) perfectly.   I marvel at the 
skill of the makers, not only is the design pattern perfect, it must
have taken a great deal of time to complete each bedspread

the curtains were hung in the afternoon

creating a cool feeling in the lounge this morning
when outside it very bright and very hot!

this afternoon perfect for another indigo vat

the leftover joined hems 
three dips to go for a rich indigo blue

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

blue day

It's a glorious day,   Blue skies, 20c and all in all a perfect day for the Blues.

Emptied the remains of last year's indigo cloth from the basket to try out a new recipe.
I usually use sodium hydrosulphite.   Lots of students are really not keen on the smell, I like it!   So with some Spectralite on the shelf I made up my vat with that.  Success.

Another good reason is that Spectralite is easier to obtain than hydros.

A rack full of over dyed indigo.   Love the richness of the dark blue with the 
contrast of what was white, now mid blue and zinging against the dark.

All sorts of shapes and sizes, and patterns.   A quilt in the making to
stitch in the sun.

The block printing workshop on Saturday was brilliant and such fun.
We cut potatoes, fun foam, tried various found objects, and raided the 
garden for greenery suitable for printing.

For once the camera was to hand.   I took one photograph, after which
the camera hid itself.    So here is very clever Babs working away and
producing fabulous prints.

wish I had pix of the other students work
wonderful prints all round
note to self - put camera in a safe place!

Hmm, the vat is still happy, perhaps another dip or two.
It's good to be dyeing indigo under a warm sky again,
never mind the fact that I have a blue hand due to 
a hole in one glove.  A small price to pay

Monday, 16 June 2014


Warning - no textiles involved!

A step up stool from Ikea.  It fits nicely in the only empty
space in the room and means I can get to the top of my
cupboards without having to retrieve a ladder from the garage.
Oh yes, you can sit on it too!

Having heard horrible tales of putting Ikea furniture together
I was very proud of my first foray into furniture construction. 
A 3D jigsaw puzzle.  No need for cupboards at the moment, 
their construction might prove a little more head scratching!

Friday, 13 June 2014

hello world

Paint pots and brushes filed away, along with all the decorating necessities.    A little way to go get before we are totally straight.   Curtains and sofas on the shopping list.


tribal chair against white wall
love the white wall!

  peace lilly and yellow wall

the elephant cupboard is back in place along with
the Rabari hanging - such a lovely piece to wake
up to, all those little shiny mirrors

looking out of my window the garden is blooming

Last Saturday I took a workshop with Croydon Embroiderers' Guild.    It was great, but I forgot my camera and there were some lovely pieces of Indian mirror work.    Tomorrow
there is the experimental block printing day here and next Saturday the first indigo vat
this summer.    I am so looking forward to taking that workshop, and the weather looks
to be just perfect.