Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Journal Quilt


an explanation, rumal is Hindi for handkerchief
used by Sikh men to cover hair
also by Thugees (just love that word), with a coin
tied at one corner, as a method of strangulation
(probably too much information)

I used a rather lovely lawn handkerchief once belonging to a
great aunt.  Dyed with turquoise and lemon yellow.   Out with
the batik wax pot and an ear plug, courtesy of British Airways,
to stamp circles.    Thoughts of bandani tie dye,  and
bandana scarves.   On close inspection the original 
embroidered flowers can be discerned in one corner

Free machine stitched petals, with addition of gold centre

I hope the original owner would have approved!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


the kurta quilt is making (slow) progress, but that's 
fine with me.  it's keeping me warm as I stitch

a completed area, machine quilted
centre block hand quilted 
the flowers have tiny shisha in the middle

the little applique squares have
blanket stitch around the edges

Another cold day
I think it will be a hand stitch afternoon

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

flying the flag

First workshops of 2013 start this week,    Half term activity time, 
mini Art Workshops held at two different schools, and they are 'drop in'.   
A bit of a shock to the system!

I spent most of Monday in preparation, having to guess how many children
would participate.   Tuesday I found out!  It was non stop, dyeing fun.
Amazingly, not too much mess.     

On a rough count 60 plus children went home with their little bundle of
dyed cloth, washing instructions and a flag stick.

I had three patterns to choose from as, from experience, too much 
selection causes confusion and a great deal of thinking what to do. 
To keep it simple, the fabric is folded to produce the different designs.

flag 1 - pleated and bound with rubber bands

 flag 2 - a swirl

flag 3 - flag fold

an orphan flag
wrapped in paper, unnamed and unclaimed
it's gorgeous!

I was so tired after my six hour stint I left all the messy pots
and sponge brushes until this morning.    I've repacked, ready
for another workshop tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

about time

I'm in the process of updating my website.   There's big quilts,
little quilts and Journal Quilts to add.

Today I have published
my Summer Workshop

I'll will be fiddling and tinkering with the website 
all this week.  Right now, I must spruce myself up.
I have a lunch date.

Monday, 11 February 2013

It's Journal Quilt time

Last year I had to dip out of the Contemporary Quilt Group's Journal Quilt 
Challenge.   Life had become too complicated.   I missed making those
little quilts.   A chance to 'play', try out new techniques, some work and
some don't!    

This year we had to choose a theme, which I found difficult.  I guess I
don't like being tied down, although it is a good discipline!   My theme
is recycling.    I am going to be using up my hoard of ancient fabrics,
mainly inherited and languishing in a very big box.   Victoria and Edwardian
tablecloths, lace, and, well not sure what I will do with these, a pair of
very voluminous bloomers!   Then there are the found objects etc. etc.

Here is my January Journal Quilt

dust sheet


It references the fate of many old quilts in the days of yore,
when they were not loved or appreciated.   Tales of finds
in garages and barns, or being used as dust sheets.

My background fabric is a scrap with the imprint of rust nails.
The hexagon fragments comes from a 'grandmother's garden'
quilt made, but never finished, with samples from Strawberry 
Fayre, c. 1985.    All assembled, quilted from the back, with
the addition of very loopy French knots.    Then I splattered
and printed with paint.   Very satisfying,

And so very non-Virgo!   

Oh, I have a new follower!  Welcome Chloe.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

 shiny shisha for a shiny cold, and sometimes, snowy day .......brrrr

Saturday, 2 February 2013

glorious mess

At last the dye pots are out again, and I have had fun.   The last time I did any dyeing
was at the end of October.   A colourfest required. 

A beautiful sunny day, but oh, so cold!    The conservatory/wet room is like a freezer, spent just enough time out there to make up my dye stock and soda ash solution.  Next up covering my work table ready for dyeing.    Today a bunch of threads, to add to my depleted stock.

the scene at lunch time - bundles of dyed thread wrapped
in cling film to batch under the table by the radiator

nice colour combo 
using the dribs and drabs in the palette

All is tidy and put away.   Now to carry on quilting listening
to the play on the radio - and tomorrow morning the
unwrapping of the bundles

Friday, 1 February 2013

while I wasn't looking

It's not raining!  I walked across the squishy lawn, down the steps to the
'woodland' slope.   I can't see what's happening down there from my window.
What a lovely sight, all dripping with raindrops.

The sun has now made an appearance and the birds are singing

Welcome Fabulous February