Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Crazy mad

This month has whizzed by.  So many things to achieve,
 and so many things getting in the way.

A shed load of paperwork, then getting father in law's 
house up to scratch for renting.  Today I ironed six sets 
of curtains (ready made) in time for the new tenants.
Note, I only do creative ironing so this was a bit
of a challenge, and very boring!  Nice fabric though.
Natural cotton from India.  Thinks, if all else fails it
will work a treat in an indigo vat.  

Then there is the Materials Sale at the Mill on 
Friday.   Yards of fine cotton thread dyed.  Fabric in
the dye pot tomorrow. Time is running out, and I think
 I have just about done my stint on the house to rent. 
As ever there is always the unexpected - Keith's
car refused to start this morning, so now I have
the job of driving him here and there for last
minute needs on the house to rent.

Oh for a simple life.  You wake up in the morning.
Ah, yes I will stitch/dye today.  No hassle or
interruptions.  I am hoping that after this month
things will get easier - ha, ha!  We live in hope.

I have gathered together indigo fabric for my Shop.
More on that next week.  All is in place, apart from
understanding the Paypal thing.   I will add items
to the Shop in February.

Well, it has been a mad/crazy month.  What to do?
Escape to India of course.   Just a short trip this
time.  There is the cattle fair at Baneswara, and
a village known for block printing to check out.

There have been fun times too, like when Will and
Ben came down for a couple of days.  A little cold
but not too much that you can't wrap up against it.
Mr. Ben took his first steps on sand.  The hard sand
on the pavement was interesting, lots of trial
stamping.  Soft sand altogether a different thing.
Then we get to the wet stuff, very interesting!
And we can collect shells and stones, perhaps
throwing some of them into the sea.  Result,
wet feet and cold hands all round.  Fabulous.

Hey, this is good!

photo by courtesy of Will - thanks!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Work in Progress

New Year - New Look. It's just about three years since I set
up this blog to record my travels in India.  My, I have been 
on a very big learning curve.  About time it had a make over.

I've grappled with adding 'pages'.   Spent most of the
morning trying to understand Blogger instructions.  The
answer was lunch, and to return to the task.  It works!
You will notice I have added "Shop".   I hope to get this
together within a week or two.   Just a few more hoops
and technicalities to jump through.

Meanwhile, here is a quilt that was given to me on
my last trip.  It's delightful, and makes me smile.
All those busy little people.   No explanation given,
but I am pretty sure it is not Indian.  I think it comes
from South America.  Any thoughts?

the little girls have hair made from wool and
woven plaits.  They don't look very happy!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

If you are in the area!

I'll be there with my fabrics and threads,
plus Indian beads and mirrors.

Time to shiver in the conservatory.  Perhaps
I'll leave it for a week.  Who knows it might
get a little warmer!  Ha, ha.

Two things

from the Bonovitz and Kramrisch collection of the
Philadelphia Museum of Art.

A wonderful reference book.  It's quite a tome.  
For ease of reading I prop it up on a pillow.

A Kindle.  Who would have guessed I would
abandon the paper page?   It arrived
yesterday.   Duly charged etc. I read all
the helpful hints.   And so to make a purchase.
It appears to me that a Reading List is
required, so as to make an informed choice.
You can always go for the best sellers, of
course.   Then there are the free classics.
My first dip into the wonderful world of
Kindle - Rudyard Kipling collection.
There is enough reading material here
to dip into for months!

I shall, of course, continue to buy hardback
books.  The Kindle is going to be fab. for
traveling though.  I can load up travel 
guides, books for the jourrney etc.
This alone with save space and weight
in my luggage!   I am also saving trees!