Wednesday, 29 July 2015

under wraps

the time was right

it has to be done

decorating my studio

just one corner

the rest of the contents are shared equally around the house

light  shadow and a beautiful jade green

my room faces north so can be a little gloomy
three walls are painted white, but the west facing wall glows, when the sun shines(!)

In Udaipur I acquired a pot of pigment to add to emulsion
it's gorgeous

so, decorating done   new carpet arrives tomorrow
meanwhile, and probably for a few days I am going through my boxes
off assorted stuff no longer required on journey

already a shed load of assorted papers, including references from magazines
gathered pre internet have been discarded   then there are boxes and boxes of 
fabric, bits and pieces that can, no doubt, be recycled elsewhere   

it feels good saying goodbye to stuff that has been lurking far too long!

Time for a glass of red me thinks!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Mr. Ben and the Larmer Tree Festival

my boys and Mr. Ben are having fun at the Larmer Tree Festival this weekend

camping gear packed  
the sun is shinning


 t shirts dyed for Mr. Ben

high viz

and one for hiding in a summer field

Thursday, 16 July 2015

making marks

As you know when the sun shines and it's hot and humid, what else to do but set up the indigo vat!

Saturday ticked all the boxes for an indigo workshop.    Fantastic results.   Wonderful cloth on the washing line.

Everyone produced a mega amount of cloth which was stitched, tied and pole wrapped.
And then I became so excited I forgot to take photos, except these.

bound marbles with soy wax dots

soy wax design on bags

all designed by Babs

the wax pot always comes out on dyeing workshops 
soy wax is fantastic   the washout leaves the fabric with
a soft 'handle'  so much better than the traditional wax

Monday found me in Sherborne, Dorset taking another Indigo workshop with the lovely ladies of North Dorset Embroidery Guild.    A return visit.  Last year the day was perfect  unfortunately Monday was grey, a little damp but humid.

We made the most of the day working under a porch!  There was a lot of huddling around the vat, dipping and dyeing.   Good blues and bundles of cloth.  What a difference Saturday!

I have my last indigo workshop here on Saturday 22 August 
there are a couple of places available.

in lieu of indigo dyed fabric, a blue pot!

Friday, 10 July 2015

away days

Last week we took a three day break in Normandy, which, happily coincided with the 'heat wave'.

A splendid trip on Brittany Ferries from Poole to Cherbourg.   The sea was so calm I sunbathed on deck all the way.   There were dolphins in the outer harbour at Cherbourg.

We didn't travel too far, just an hour away to Port en Bessin, via Bayeux where this poster was spotted

empty beaches

colourful shop in St. Vaast

Barfleur harbour

at Cape Barfleur the magnificent phare de Gattevile 
one of the highest lighthouses in France

apart from the big towns and fishing ports France appeared to be empty
beautiful golden beaches to ourselves, wonderful country side
suppers at a small cafe in Port en Bassin watching the fishing boats coming and going

nice to be busy doing nothing