Monday, 25 June 2012

blast from the past

My son recently sent me this picture of a quilt I gave to one of his university friends,
many years ago.     

The quilt itself was made around 1990 (!) I was still learning!    The 12" blocks, from 
my memory, were machine pieced and quilted in the ditch.   The fabric from America.
The colours mustard yellow, deep red and dark blue, all with small patterns.  Typical of
it's time.    How they have faded!

The quilt is being used to sit on during a picnic in a London Park.
Look at the wear and tear.   It is good to know that it has been
loved and used.  Far better than languishing in a cupboard.

I can feel a replacement quilt coming on.  Perhaps a bit more
contemporary?    Having said that I remember being pretty
pleased with the patchwork element, and all those points
joining up nicely.    Shortly after making this quilt  I took 
City and Guilds Patchwork Quilting, Part 1 and 2.   
I learnt how to do things properly, then threw
  the rule book out of the window.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Next on the book pile

It's been raining, and cold.    Euro 2012 dominates the evenings.   This sounds 
rather like the last blog post!

Another trip to the library finds me reading Desert by J.M.Le Clezio; "a postwar 
classic' says The Guardian.  1909 ancient tribes set out on an epic journey over 
scorched sands in search of safety and a new homeland.  

"The people of the Blue Men.... the dark skin on their cheeks, arms and legs was
tinted with indigo.   The blue tattoos on the women's foreheads looked like
shiny little beetles."

The Blue Men hail from north west Sarah, and I immediately thought of The 
Atlas Mountains and a 'scarf' I bought in Morocco, said to be from that area.
it's not blue!

Folded in half, it measurements 35 x 2.50mts,
woven with a coarse black and orange wool.
The stripes are woven with white and
black cotton thread.

The middle section has been tied and 
over dyed with red

runnels of the red dye can be seen
on the orange background

Now to a blue quilt.   This is for Clare W. who wanted to
see a picture of the finished article.

Kimono Blue

in it's bag, ready to go.    Oh yes, I used this
fabric for the quilt backing.   Indigo dyed 
cotton, with a dabu resist. (mud)

We were promised some sun today, at 2.00pm,
if you please.    It was a little early, but very welcome.

the marigold, in tight bud this morning, is
happy too!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Weeks of Randomness

What happened to the last three weeks?

There was the HOT.   Taking life easy, enjoying being outside. Suppers on 
the balcony, even a barbecue. 

The garden needed a drink twice a day, which is how I came up close and 
personal with the runner bean trench one evening, brandishing the watering can. 
Grazed knee, cut finger, covered in earth and water (mud).   We need a hosepipe 
I declared, after phoning the chiropractor.

Then there was the COLD and RAIN, and the arrival of the hosepipe.    

I finished the indigo quilt
it's folded up ready to go to it's new home

We had visitors.   Young Mr. Ben developed Chicken Pox.  Poor little chap, he was 
covered.  I had quite forgotten how awful and itchy it could be.   All recovered now.

I had some mending, boro style, to do

there's more mending to do on my favourite 
silk/ linen indigo jacket

We watched the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations indoors.   The Tuesday street party 
was cancelled.  Torrential rain.

I dyed a selection of pale threads, which is unusual.   Perhaps they compliment the
washed out weather.

I have been reading Hemmingway and John Le Carre.  Not my usual fare, but I 
found myself in our local library, after years of absence.  Both a good read.  
Something to dip into  during the European Football Cup, two matches per night,
if you please!

I also heard a poem on the radio, and I am not really keen on poetry, but I liked the 
first bit especially.   The Sea Mouse by Amy Clampitt.  'The orphanage of possibility 
has had to be expanded to admit the sea mouse.'  I like to think of my room now as 
such an orphanage. not to sea mice obviously, but all those boxes full of possibilities.

Yesterday I repotted my indigo plants.   They are going along pretty well, should be 
much larger by now - they will catch up.   However, with the temperatures possibly 
going down single figures overnight, decided to let them sleep indoors.    In June!

It's now a beautiful afternoon.  I shall have a potter in the garden.  Hosepipe 
not required on journey.