Wednesday, 28 January 2009


It's just over a week before I fly out to India.

I took the first Shibori Master class on Monday
with fabulous students.  We managed to make four
 samples, stitched resist and then dyed, with the option
of a couple more samples for homework. It's amazing
 what you can achieve in two hours!  

Now with workshops out of the way, I am getting to grips
with paperwork and organizing workshops for the summer;
making a start on the February Journal Quilt in spare 
moments - and, I guess, I should do a 
little in depth housecleaning! 

This is the cover I made for my Indian Journal last trip,
complete with travel 'stains'.  I think it will make another
journey, probably building up quite a 'patina' before I return.
The design is loosely 'Indian' and the cord is wrapped,
with a tassel and buttons,  and incredibly still in once piece.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Getting back into the Journal Quilt zone - here's one for January 2009.
Indian water pots, in colours hot enough to keep your hands warm!
The colours look a bit dark here.

A detail of one of the pots - the pattern on the pot reflects
simple patterning on the terracota pots from Kutch, as does
the free machine stitching on the indigo blue border.

One done, only another eleven to go.

Today is play day at a local school.   I'm going to explain to
teachers the delights of shibori/dyeing with children.
Of course, there will be a 'hands on' session for them.
I think we will have fun.


Julie - a Journal Quilt is a small quilt, made monthly - no rules, except the size.  It's a great way to 'play', try out ideas and techniques; have a go at a scribbled sketch or one of those inspirational pictures tucked away in a file.  It also give the brain a bit of a workout.

Carol - you made me laugh on a grey day.   The mind boggles.  Trust your little  feathered friends are now enjoying the less tempestuous weather.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Squirrel Proof?

No birds as yet this morning, just a hungry squirrel.
Another black silhouette - I need colour!

The week has been mainly devoted to paperwork, 
not a lot of stitching,  However, I have signed up for 
the Contemporary Quilt Group 2009 Journal Quilts.
Time to breakout, get down to some designing
and set up the dye pots.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Mysterious Moon

Monday, 12 January 2009

Itchy feet

Rabari ladies at the Embroidery shop in Bhuj.
They are having a bit of a rummage in boxes
of shisha - not the small pieces we use, but
bits the size of saucers.

It's that time of year again - I feel the call of India!
This trip I am meeting up with my sister Aly, who
 lives in Perth, Australia and it's her first visit.  
Hope she brings an almost empty suitcase!
Only three weeks to go.  We will start off in
Rajasthan and then head out west to Bhuj, Kutch.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Spice Route

Spent the afternoon meeting and greeting at the opening of the exhibition at Walford Mill.  Very happy with the hanging of my two long and skinny quilts and three framed pieces.   Took photographs without much success, the light was difficult - call in the professionals I think.  Luckily I have one at home!   I'll post pictures soon.

There are some really yummy ceramics, jewellery, wood etc.   All reflecting the colour of spices - a welcome warm glow on a cold winters day.  The exhibition runs until 22 February (closed on Mondays).

I have been persuaded to exhibit my Journal - or getting into the zone book.  I guess that way folk will know where I am coming from, or indeed, going to!

Looking to summer - aren't we all - hot of the press, I have been booked to take a weekend Indigo workshop at the Mill on 20/21 June.

Happy 1st Birthday Blog

Time for a cake with my coffee.
There's a magic blog cake for you too.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Early morning, and it's another freezing day.
Photos taken at Sandbanks, Poole Harbour.
First time for decades that the sea has frozen.

Monday, 5 January 2009


Great feeling - I can now put my feet up
for a day or three.   After major tidy up!

Photos of three small framed pieces
roughly 14 x 18 cm
Spice Route I  
fabric wrapped in metal to create rust,
paper and text distressed, dyed with coffee,
painted papers, embroidered pepper corns.

Spice Route II
Scraps of silk machine embroidered.

Spice Route III
a miniature edition of The Devils Dye.

There are two long and skinny hangings, difficult to
photograph here.  I'll take photos once the 
Exhibition is up and running.

Hugh bunches of lilies for me!

A lorry from Amsterdam was delivering
flowers to a local florist.  They looked
so good - all green and fresh, ready
to burst into bud.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A new year, a new post.  
Deadlines being met thank goodness.

Whilst searching for some reference I came across
this picture of a painted wall.  Great patterns - a year's
worth of design and inspiration.  Meanwhile, back to
the sewing machine.