Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy holidays and best wishes for a peaceful and creative 2012

Tomorrow evening we will board a big silver bird and track the man
in the red coat flying across the skies.   Just for a few days.
Somewhere hot and steamy, with no Christmas pudding in sight.

See you next year


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day, and the turning point of the year.   The sun gets stronger
and the nights shorter.  A cause for celebrations.   I can feel myself renewed, maybe
I will come out of hibernation!

Whilst I cannot post a picture of Stone Henge, where the sun rose beautifully , a good
omen indeed, I can give you some mistletoe from my garden.

and my Solstice hair 

Oh, I do like a bit of colour!

Sunday, 18 December 2011


a little light diversion from seasonal things

I found a box of pre felted wool and sari ribbons, and a little time

the hidden embellishing machine made an appearance

sari ribbons needle felted, then an assortment
from my box of bits - net, sheers, and unknowns

the back looked good too

lots of hand stitching and French knots,
plus shell sequins

made a little bag, and added a tassel wrap
something to keep my mobile phone warm

Friday, 9 December 2011

Past and Present

So, where has the time gone since we returned from India?!!  My days have been 
full, but only this week has it been textile related - more on that later.

My ipad is both fascinating and sometimes infuriating!  Guess there is still a lot 
of finding out to do!  

When staying in Castle Bijapur in the depths of the Rajasthan country side I
found something I 'needed".   Eating out, under the stars, and there were many 
of them, a fellow guest viewed the night sky through his phone.   There were the 
planets and constellations mapped above our heads.   And, so, dear reader, 
I purchased an iPad!

This wonderous devise has lurked on shelves for years.    Made up of
two discs of plastic, you can move the upper disc to select the time
and date.  So good, so far.   Next up, hold it above your head and
determine what is in the sky above.  It never really worked for me!

But just look at this - and if you look carefully you will have a
glimpse of my bangles and rings!

Truly amazing, now I know what's out there for sure, even
during the day!    I did let my son Nic have a play yesterday.
Being a Star Wars fan, it was difficult to wrest it out of his hand.

I have spent most of this week dyeing thread - lots of it,
and preparing for the Indian Bazaar which opens tomorrow,
for one day only.   Check out post on 24 October for details.
Apart from the Bazaar, Lis will be bring her collection of
old Indian textiles, I'll have my Emporium and we have
four guest sellers.  Silver jewelry, fabulous papier mache
bowls, lino prints and other yummy things.

Now I might just have to check out the night sky.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

shiny things

road side shrines