Wednesday, 30 April 2014

chasing my tail

The two weeks since my last post have passed very quickly.     

The session in the green gym turned into a four day marathon.    The glorious weather made the task a delight.   Pruning back shrubs, weeding borders, edging the lawn (a task the head gardener manages to avoid).      Lastly clearing the (long) drive of weeds and old leaves.   It all looks fantastic now.   That was only the front garden.  I'll get to the back garden eventually.  It's looking lush with all the April showers we are having.

a mass of forget-me-nots and lillies of the valley

a mixture of daisy type plants, happy in an old sink

and the veg plot cleared for planting
I planted chard in the autumn the plants didn't
do too well but I love the red stems

An Unexpected Delight

In our lovely light lounge the previous owners decided a brick wall would enhance the room.  It is horrible, especially in the winter.   Dark and gloomy.   For years I have been been trying to persuade my man that it had to go.    Now it has!    HURRAH.

Fred called round last Wednesday to have a look.    No problem he said.    Skip delivered on Saturday.   Work started on Monday morning, not knowing how it was constructed we were
in for one or two surprises.

Mid morning and half of The Wall has gone.   We thought we might discover breeze blocks, but, no, the wall is plastered, the coving and ceiling pattern intact.  The lower section gave up a couple of secrets.    A call from Fred to turn of the electrics.   Wires in one socket had not been sealed properly all could have been 'live' behind there.   Scary.    A empty packet of crisps with a competition, closing date, 26th January 1982, which just happens to be my youngest son's birthday.

Tuesday the plaster was rendered.   Job done by 2pm.
Lovely shaft of evening sunlight!

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to gain order out of chaos.    This is upstairs, and we have an open pine stair case.  Major dust incident.  Furniture dragged back into position.
Dust sheets (cream muslin curtains) and other dusty textiles off to the washing machine.
The huge piles of books and boxes of stuff recovered with clean cloth. Windows washed,
goodness me!   Carpet Dysoned.   Repeat procedure downstairs.   Shower, hair wash and clean clothes closely followed by a gin and tonic, to clear the dust you understand.

To look at this now wonderful wall filled me with delight this morning.   There is, of course, the decorating to consider amongst other things.    We brought back two bed covers from India, white on white reverse applique.   These will be the new curtains, the old might just be recycled via the dye pots.

Heaven knows when we will get round to sorting this lot out. I can live with it for a while.

It was the first of my Summer Workshops on Saturday - great time had by all, including me
Will and Ben arrived for the weekend and left on Monday morning, but not before Ben 'helped' Fred throwing a few bricks into the skip.   What a noise!

So, all is quiet for a while.  I am preparing for the Dorset Quilters' day on 10th May, followed by a talk to the Marlborough Embroiderers' group the following Monday. At both events my Indian Shop will make an appearance.  Dyeing up a load of threads today and tomorrow it will be fabric.

The good thing about the upheaval in the house, I can ignore total housework for a while!

If you are in the Wimborne (Dorset) area on Wednesday 7th May, A Talent for Textiles event is taking place at Deans Court, Wimborne (BH21 1QF)   Lots of traders, antique textiles,
linen, lace etc. 10-5.   Apart from gorgeous textiles, you can wander around the lovely garden.     I'm taking the morning off - see you there!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


there are a couple of places left on the Shibori/Procion workshop Saturday 26 April
if shibori is not for you, you, come along and do your own thing

busy days

The workshops went well.   Fabulous students, who worked very hard!     No photos, far too  busy 'doing'.

Workshop 1 - Indian Applique

folded square for a warm up

Workshop No. 2 Indian Mirror work

the basic stitch, then we went on to
explore different methods of attaching
mirrors, including thick machine cut mirrors

Well done to all my lovely students!

on Saturday morning I woke up early and witnessed the
most incredible sunrise, it was raspberry coloured
by the time I found my camera the colour had faded
a little, much not that much

isn't that amazing?
the old saying 'red sky in the morning shepherds warning
a sure sign of rain, but not that day

Back home again on Saturday evening and a quick meal before setting of for London.   Will was running in the Marathon and we were taking Ben up to watch some of it, then ending up in The Mall for the finish.

the view from Hungerford Bridge across to Waterloo Bridge
(you wait for ages for one bus, then loads suddenly appear)

we walked to Trafalgar Square and had a picnic    Ben had a good run around
and loved the fountains, but not having his photo taken

I loved the blue cockerel on the fourth plinth
the blob of blue on the right
my camera battery died
I'll just have to return

and so to The Mall

Daddy did it!  

Home again, and relax, that is after putting all my workshop stuff away.
Ignoring all else, the sun is shining and I am now going to visit the green gym.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

all boxes ticked

Thirty five kits to go for two workshops at the end of the week.    Paperwork gathered.   All ready to go.   Who knew it would take so long?!!

After this weekend, I am looking forward to having time to 'play'.    Summer workshops start at the end of the month, they are always fun.   The garden is in need of attention!   Plants are growing like mad with the 'April showers'.   Lots of ideas scribbled down in my notebook, it will be good to revisit and put thoughts into action.

but look

today I did some stitching and it felt good!

a patchwork bag to hold a iPad 
the photo was taken outside in the sunshine
which was a bit of a bonus