Saturday, 31 July 2010

Almost On the Road Again

A wonderful two days of indigo dyeing in Chichester.   
Weather perfect. A mad scientist afternoon making
iron water to enhance the blue and potassium 
permangnate for colour stripping.  No photos, too
busy doing!   

Detail of Blue Moon Quilt - recycled, renewed.
Gathered 'found' white fabrics - dyed, wax resist
and over dyed.

Two days to go before setting up the exhibition in
Bridport.   Ten quilts to hang, new and 'golden
oldies'.   A few Journal Quilts on stretched 
canvas frames and velvet scarves.  All ready 
to go, except there is one more baton needed.  
I never seem to have just the right ones, probably 
because I have recycled the longer ones.  

That's us!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Reasons to be cheerful

Babs came along to the workshop on Saturday 
bearing gifts.  Some pipes for pole wrapping, a
delicious home grown cucumber, and this.....

a dactura (Angel trumpet) grown from seed.   
This made me very happy.  I have tried over the
years to grow dactura without success.  Today
it is very humid and I swear I could see
it opening.

Jasmine winds through the wisteria on the balcony rail.
On warm evenings we eat here and the scent reminds
me of India.

A big lilly flower.  Beautiful scent. The stem is
 about a metre high with six flower heads.  
 The hover flies are loving it.

Finally, me and Mr. Ben. 

Now to pack for a two day Indigo workshop with
Chichester Quilters tomorrow.  It's going to be 
great.  Perfect weather for dipping the blues.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Temporarily blocked

Not a lot of stitching going on here.   Summer dyeing
workshops going well, indigo workshops next month.

But right now, getting to grips with the Raw Talent 
Exhibition going on 'tour' to the far end of the county.
Tomorrow the world?!!!  Set up date in eleven days.
In theory it is just a case of gathering everything 
together again, sounds simple doesn't it?  

Lists, and lists of lists. Up and down ladders
hanging quilts and pictures.   The Paper Cinema
comes to town again, in all it's quirkiness.

Meet and greet on Saturday 7th September.
2 - 4, wine and nibbles.   An open invitation to
attend if you are anywhere near Bridport Arts
Centre, Bridport, Dorset.  If you do, say hello!
The show goes on until 11 September.   

Thursday, 15 July 2010


but now, not grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   As I uploaded my
 pix a telephone call resolved the matter. 
 A couple of months ago I took a workshop in 
The Twilight Zone, teaching teachers at 
a local school.   The Accounts Department
of the County Council declared me as not
self employed and would deduct tax.
Hackles raised, two phone calls later, after
stating my case, I won!  Hurrah, not only
for me but all those other artists who
take workshops in schools.  I love 
working with children, but the hoops
we have to go through, unbelievable.

So, to calm my mind I dyed some threads.
Now drying outside in a gale.

Then, to clean my hands, I made a felted soap
and some felt balls

Calm and peace restored.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

Summer Saturday workshops start this weekend.   
New chairs needed - tick.  They are wood and fold
flat for storage, perfect.   Cushions needed.

We were once a quilt

Keith was more than a little surprised when he found
me chopping up a quilt.   It was made last century
and has spent most of it's life on a shelf.   Now it is
reborn into four cushions.  I like them very much.

From the stash

First attempts at deconstructed screen printing.
Lots of lessons learnt.  Thickened dyes on cotton
fabric result in paler colours.   Over dyed, not
good.  Over dyed again, better.  Thermofax
screen prints - black and gold.  Result - ok'sh.


So, this fabric has found it's time (and there's more!).
Although it is cotton it proved too difficult to quilt.
To many processes I guess, and two layers of
textile paint didn't help.   Nice cushions though.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Moon Flowers

Summer School - brilliant.  Good company, too much 
food and the multimedia workshop has filled my brain.

I shall revisit my notes and samples at the end of
week - meanwhile, my June Journal quilt.

Moon Flowers
Indigo patterned with batik.  Brush
marks, thin squiggles, thick lines.
My batik lines end with a blob,
In my mind I think crazy flowers.
Lots of free machine stitching. 


Thursday, 1 July 2010


A wonderful break.  Back refreshed, especially 
as we had to endure an extra day on the beach.  
Tuesday, it seems, is the day chosen by Greek 
workers to go on strike.  No complaints, 
beach life is good.

Plenty of these.  Note atmospheric storm clouds.
And, yes, we did have rain!


Nice textures 

So, washing and repacking done, I'm off to 
Summer School tomorrow for the whole weekend.  
 A bit of a workout for the brain I am thinking.