Sunday, 23 February 2014

an afternoon stroll

off the main tourist route where ordinary life goes on

balcony garden

construction site

man ironing - incredibly big iron. heated with hot coals

 bowls of pink pots and two ladies talking


green door

courtyard sewing area

early evening on Hanuman Ghat

Early tomorrow morning we are heading to the countryside where leopards roam.
It's a beautiful area, which I am so looking forward to exploring on foot.   Last November
my right foot had an 'explorers' injury, which sounds rather grand!  Just meant I couldn't walk on it for a week.   So with new walking shoes I shall step out and enjoy.   

Last visit we stayed at a farm, possibly in an old cow shed.   It was clean and almost comfortable, but nothing really to complain about.  The farmer and his wife wonderful hosts.  This time we have a tent to sleep in.  I am hoping it might be a 'glamping' sort of tent.   Mogul interior perhaps, you know silk rugs and drapes.  Ha, ha!  I'll report back
on our return to civlisation next week. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

good to be back!

On arrival in Udaipur we had chai at the airport.   It was rather special.   Our man, Samshu, who knows everyone and everything going on, took us to The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel (2) film shooting site.  So chai with the stars and crew.  Good start.   On the other hand, this time our car has been commandeered by Richard Gere.   

This was the view from our little balcony just as the sun rose

sun rise over Lake Pichola  all is quiet in Udaipur except 
for the ladies bashing their washing on the ghat in the background

Later we headed for the Crocodile Lake, high in the Aravalli hills. 
 So peaceful and quiet, then a huge crocodile splashed into the water.    

The countryside is beautiful.   Spring is arriving - leaves are sprouting and little 
flower buds emerging.  Birds are courting, putting on wonderful displays

a wayside shrine

sixteen stones

a chai break and Samshu found the game of sixteen stones
irresistible.  The old gentleman in the background gave hands
on advice much to the amusement of everyone.

the board, in shadow, marked out in chalk

 back to Udaipur and..............

a wonky shot of an elephant, yeah!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

taking a short break

here's a clue

After months of the English monsoon and grey days, it seems a good idea to visit our friends who live in a warm and blue sky place.   

We're off to Rajasthan for a couple of weeks.    Rest and recuperation, ready for what looks to be a busy time on my return.

As ever, I'll blog as and when I can.

Sunday, 9 February 2014


a litte basket of dyed threads
colour under grey clouds

Saturday, 8 February 2014

at the end of the day

well, morning actually

took advantage of the sun pouring into the conservatory this morning
hanks of white cotton threads and a little dye stock to use up

the palette with dilute dyes prior to washing 
the dark areas are green, some blues and a purple

all now washed and tidied away

the wind is rising  the forecast promises heavy
rain this afternoon and evening,  the garden
fence is waving

I think this afternoon I will be mainly stitching

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Meanwhile I have my blog!      Goodness me, I have just realised it has been going since January 2008.

Revisited the much ignored website.   That needs a lot of work.   However, today I have posted my Summer Workshops for 2014 on the site (after figuring out 'how to'.)

I have plans, like getting my dyed threads up there.   Quilts as well.  However, that might be in March.   Tickets to Rajasthan secured, off in a couple of weeks time.    Well, it had to be done!    This weather is too awful and it looks like there will be no change for some time.

So, head down, lots to organise before we go.