Monday, 31 October 2011

On the road again

Tomorrow morning, early, we leave for the airport.  India here we come.    

All tucked away, tidied and sorted.  The house always sparkles as we leave!   However, Nic of the Paper Cinema - currently in Azerbaijan as a guest of the British Counsel for the first International Puppet festival - will take up residence whilst we are away.   I rather suspect that Will and Ben will also have a few days in Dorset.  That's great.

An old haveli down a lane near the Chandni Chowk, Delhi

We arrive in Delhi and will make our way slowly to Udaipur.   Three weeks of total bliss.

I'll post as and when, connectivity allowing.

Bye for now

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Maker 42

Sounds like something out of George Orwell's 1984 doesn't it?   My very clever and talented friend, Caroline Parrott started the year with her project Create 52.   The aim is to produce one item each week, based on various artists' work, using different mediums.

I was honoured that she choose me as Maker 42.   The project - a shibori/indigo dyed scarf.   Come the day, the brief changed slightly.    A coat and felt were the ingredients. The coat dyed in indigo.  Originally a pale cream with mixed fibres, not all 'natural' so it was never going to be a dark blue.   The felt was dyed using Procion dyes.    A fun afternoon, with cake. of course.

The result, with Caroline's signature swarm of butterflies cascading over the shoulder.

To read Caroline's record of the day, and 41 previous 'makes', go to    

Caroline's fabulous website

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011


or getting into the zone

Actually finding time to do some hand stitching.   I've made a prototype Book Bag to take with me on my travels.   There will be a workshop on this next year, so it will be good to see if it stands up to the journey.    Good old indigo dyed linen, sturdy enough I think.  

it will hold my Kindle, my sketchbook and assorted pens and pencils

my now well traveled sketchbook cover

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Time to catch up

This year I wanted to be a 'different' one, and it has been.    Letting go of certain deadlines to free me up a little, almost worked, but not quite.   Suffice to say it has been a busy summer.  Lots of workshops, meeting new friends, and taking time out to play with Ben on the beach.

Gardening, minus the tree, such a treat.   Tomatoes, salads, runner beans and herbs this year.  Next year we should have proper veg garden, yum.

The Blog has been a little neglected of late, probably better that than me just rambling!

Last Saturday I was invited as a 'trader' to a certain textile related AGM.   I loaded up my baskets and boxes with goodies from India, indigo and procion dyed fabrics and threads.

A bit of a biggy for me, usually the Emporium only appears when I take workshops.

Dyed felt squares

The speaker's car broke down, and I was persuaded to give a talk on travels in India.
Unaccustomed as I am (!)    In fact it was great not to have the prop of computer and projector.  I did have two lovely pieces on my table, it was just a matter of deconstructing the display.

details from a Rabari quilt

detail from Rabari dowery bag

It seems to be that September/October heralds the end of my year.  Summer workshops finished. There is a little nip in the air, and frost is forecast for tonight - surely not.   

Time to think of flying in an easterly direction.

It's too cold for an indigo vat.   Poles, buckets, clamps etc all tidied away.
Paperwork caught up with, included the dreaded Tax Return form.     Tickets bought,
visas' awaited.   Then we're off at the beginning of November for three whole weeks.

Thanks to all who visited the Indigo Shop.   On my return I intend to set up a web site.   
 I will have a little more time.   I do have a little stock of indigo dyed fabric.  

There will be coloured fabric and yarn, and perhaps a little corner for choice pieces from the Emporium.   Must write up my shopping list.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

works in progress

Two lovely pieces from Saturday's Kantha workshop

Karen's elephant

Sarah's spider