Sunday, 28 February 2010

A slow start

It's grey and grim today - difficult to energize myself to do anything.
This, my dear readers is the extent of my stitching in the past three weeks.  A lovely bit of darning on my kurta, snagged on the seat of a rice boar.  Thread and needle courtesy of the hotel kit.  Possibly not my best example of the technique.   

I made a decision ages ago not to take any sewing with me, too many other things to do, like catching up with reading, keeping a journal and just doodling and looking.  I did notice a lady, in hot and steamy Goa, who was knitting.  Perhaps she was pre felting at the same time?  I once found myself in transit wearing a light wood jacket, the temperature and humidity at the airport felted the garment just nicely.

So, this morning I roughed out a design for the February Journal Quilt - well at least it is on paper before the end of the month.   Found a delicious piece of space dyed cloth, but decided it was too nice to cut into.  How crazy is that? Perhaps rational thought will return tomorrow, or may be I'll just get the dye pots out.

Next up, to sort out some Indian pixs for the blog

Friday, 26 February 2010

There and back again

Although the laptop travelled with me from Mumbai to Cochin, and back again, internet access was as good as non existent.   The choice, use the computer at reception - been there. done that, ended up as temp. receptionist;  spend too much time finding internet cafe;  or, take up tempting offer of wifi connection only to find it didn't work. The other option was to enjoy just being there and catch up later.

It was hot and steamy in Kerala, very green and lush in Karnataka, and just fabulous doing absolutely nothing on a South Goan beach.    Further installments in the days to come.

Monday, 8 February 2010

From the tailor's floor

Looking through old travel journals I found the one relating to our first 
and only trip to Kerala.  That was fourteen years ago.  Definitely
 time for a return visit.

First stop then was to the tailor's shop for some hand made shirts.
We had to go down the road to the fabric shop.  What a choice.
When Keith returned to pick up the goodies I requested that
he asked the tailor for off cuts, and he did, despite a few 
grumbles as he set off.  The tailor probably thought we we
mad, but I did end up with a bag of scraps.

I made this laptop quilt with every last little bit
of fabric.   Over the years it has been used as
a comforter on cold nights, or just 'because'.

Here's the back, it is tie quilted, which makes it
a very soft little quilt.   The backing fabric is
Madras cotton, a very fine muslin.  I had quite
forgotten about Madras cotton, must add
to my shopping list.   

So, cupboards closed, workroom shut down.
Time to pack.   Next post should
be from India.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

So very 20th century

I found this in the magic cupboard.  
Tiny hexagons, roughly 1"/2.5 cm 
across.  I guess I dates to the early 
1980's and is made up with sample patchwork fabric squares.  The papers
and tacking are still in place.

Interestingly I can see I started a second row of blue, and the beginning of another motif.  Why did I stop?  Maybe I found out about cutting boards, quilters rulers and rotary cutters.  Who will ever know?

Another little treasure.  
A miniature Log Cabin Quilt.

Around the same date.   The blocks 
are about 2"/5cm square, with five
dark and light 'logs'.

And it is wadded and tie quilted.  At least this one is finished.

putting it all together

On Monday evening I took a short workshops on Indian Applique.
It was especially great as I had been invited along to Happy
Patchers in Wimborne.   So many friends I had not seen for
ages -  as much catching up as sewing.

I have started on my rag book of Indian Applique.

Page 1

Lots of samples in files.  Time to get organised.
I have a book on various methods of attaching
shisha, and also one on kantha work.

Talking India - visa, air ticket, tick.  Time to
pack bag and go.  Keith and I are off to
southern India for just over two weeks
No particular plans, except that I want
to stand on the very tip of India where
three seas meet.   I am so looking forward
to a break.  January is usually very quiet.
Time for 'research and development'.
Not this year.  It has been hectic.

I think I have found a stitching project for
the quiet hours - applique to go.