Thursday, 25 November 2010


Oh, I am having fun with my pictures!   Here's one of a lorry load of fabric.

In search of block printing

On our drive to Jaisalmer we stopped by Balotra, famed 
for the block printed cloth.  I was so excited to be going
there - it's a bit of the beaten path.  What would we
find there?  A small town perhaps?  Ha, ha.  Big messy
town.   There were signs that cloth is printed here.

We asked the right questions, or rather Samshu did,
and found a yard with metres of printed cloth
hanging from drying racks.  Invited to visit the
silk screening factory to watch the process.
Hot, steamy and very (chemical) smelly.  
Metres of printed cloth churned out, cut into
5 mtr lengths to ship to South India.

No block printing going on - too wet!

Jodhpur blues

We spent our day in Jodhpur avoiding puddles.
We gave the Fort a miss this time, fantastic
though it is, instead we wandered the byways.

The Blue City is looking in need of a coat of
paint.  So just a few images.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Trying again

Little tasters!  Having difficulties
with more that two pictures.
This is a just gorgeous Rabari
shepherd.  His turban is so intricately
tied it looks like basket work.  Note
serious gold bling around his neck,
and rather fetching dhotis.

Details of the embroidery.

On the road to Jodphur

Early yesterday morning we set of for Jodphur, via the 
fantastic Kumbalghar Fort.  It's huge!  A few pix taken
en route.

 Music to eat our lunch by

Blogger is not being cooperative,
will try more pix later.

We arrived in Jodphur ten hours later.
A bit of a drive, to say the least.  So now
we are in an old royal haveli, resting 
before the next long drive tomorrow.
Jaisalmer is the destination via Balotra
famous for it's dyeing and blockprinting,
then Barmer a small town which sounds
worth a visit.  

Oh yes, it's raining in Jodphur!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hello from Udaipur

We left home at 4am.  Scraped the ice of the car windows,
and drove through fog to get to the airport.   Arriving in Bombay
it was a steamy 32c, and that was 3.00am.  Still, we are
very adaptable!  On arrival at Udaipur rain and thunder.
It was warm rain an didn't last long.

We have just been chilling out.  Lake Pichola 
Hotel feels like our Indian home.

Out and about meeting friends and acquaintances.
A little shopping - who could resist - and a wander
around the market place.

Basket making

 Zari work on a skirt piece - metal shapes
 and couched metal threads

Udaipur has many wall paintings on the outside of houses.
This one was complete on 15 October - still fresh and clean

Our friend Illyas as ever busy with the dye pots  When
I first visited the town I spent many a happy hour with
his father Masubi  learning about bandhani.

Sunset at Lake Pichola.  As I write, it is about
one hour on, it's getting dark and the temple
bells an drums are sounding out across the lake.

Tomorrow we start our adventure exploring the top 
end of Rajasthan.  We have a car and Samshu will
drive.  He also is a good friend, so we are looking
forward to an exciting couple of weeks.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Tucked up for winter

The "blue house', that gave such a valiant service when it 
was too cold in the Spring for an outside indigo vat, is now
wrapped up for the Winter.  Poles for wrapping and buckets
for dyeing tidied away.   Plants wrapped up in fleece to
protect them from frost.

I look out on this Winter scene so I couldn't resist a
string of bunting, which makes it look quite jolly.
Nic suggested I should add little solar lights. Great
idea, then the thought of a festive winter scene.
Perhaps the fleece is really hills covered in snow.
Skiing anyone?   

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Indigo packs

Way back, or so it seems, I had many requests to sell
indigo fabric.  Life took over, no time to follow this up.
However, I have been selling at workshops I take, and
sending out a few packs.   

New Year's resolution to set up a website!

I am posting two orders today - plain indigo plus eight
shibori pieces.

Meanwhile I have to pack my suitcase - minimal packing.   Shopping might be involved during my travels!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


It's dark, gloomy and pouring with rain.   The garden is
covered with soggy brown leaves.  Never mind, next 
Wednesday I will be here!

Right now sorting out loose ends.

Monday, 1 November 2010


A little family indulgence.

On this day last year we were in Marrakech celebrating 
our 40th Wedding Anniversary.   I was a child bride, right?!!
Our first grandson was born on that day, a little early, 
but we did have a word with the storks sitting atop of the
city walls.  Well, look at Ben now.

We had an early birthday party yesterday.
A walk in the park, kicking the leaves,
lunch and birthday cake.   Ben then
surprised us all with his party trick.
Walking!  Just like that.