Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dyeing , Printing and Stamping

A basket of brights

Now I am getting ready to go to Summer School this 
weekend. My tutor, Jette Clover.  Oh, I am getting excited.   
We will be printing and mark making.  The Requirements 
List is LONG.  Fortunately I have most of the things listed, 
it's just a case of finding  everything.   It's going to be so 
good just playing.

Dress for Mess - no problem.  Dug out a couple of 
old black t shirts, already worn and somewhat stained.   
Gave them a makeover with discharge paste.   A chance to 
try something that has been in my mind for a while.  I added
 colour pigment to the paste.   It did work, although I think 
I could have added more.  Anyway, the t shirts look 
slightly more stylish, and ready for an outing.

Orange and blue, just about visable

A mix of colours here, but more pigment needed

Packing almost done - no room for these fab Indian Blocks

Monday, 18 May 2009

Too Many Hats

This one escaped from last blog.
Red plate inked in white, printed on black paper.

Last week should have been a sloppy, but creative time.  
Keith away with his chums for a golfing holiday in Turkey;
time to splash and bang, stitch, dye, make a general mess.  
Eat when hungry, raiding fridge and cupboards, shopping
only when there is nothing left but a tasty, incredibly smelly
Camembert Nic brought back from France.  In reality it was 
amazingly chaotic.

The office was open for The Paper Cinema e mail catch up 
and paperwork.  Two evenings of rehearsal.   Veggie feasts 
all round.

Found time to stitch two Journal Quilts, in between sorting 
out stock for The Indian Bazaar.

A fabulous day with collographs, then setting up shop with 
Lis my fellow shopper. A glass or two of wine and nibbles 
helped the evening along.

My daughter Amanda came up from Cornwall to join in the
fun - The Bazaar had lots of visitors, really busy.   Collapsed
in heap after cooking a delicious curry.

Sunday another busy day in The Bazzar, with the unexpected 
arrival of my sister and her husband, coming down from 
Berkshire to escape teenage angst and not doing homework 
for exams syndrome.

Home alone at last.  Do I put my feet up and sort out mess
tomorrow?   Oh dear, phone call, father in law in hospital.
He had a fall - all ok, no broken bones, but is staying over
for observations.  

Keith will be home early tomorrow morning, so I really must
have a grand tidy up!


My first collograph prints.

Blue Moon

Blue Straw

Orange and Lime Straw

Red print

Red print with white
printed on black paper

I will desist with technical details like intaglio, rollered
paint etc.  Suffice to say I love it.   No time to play again
until the Autumn, although I can make up some plates
in the meantime.   A important lesson learnt - oil paint
inks get every where, unlike dyes that just sink into
skin, clothing and anything laying around.   Also a
challenge working in different media.  Had to put
my brain to work a lot over the two workshops.
interesting to work in a totally different media.

Friday, 15 May 2009

A taster

A really exciting day inking up plates and printing.
Amazing results, and this is only the beginning.

A couple of inked plates for starters.   I seem to
have mislaid my leads, camera to computer, but 
found something that works in Keith's draw.  Shh,
he is in Turkey playing golf!

This plate has already been inked in red and 
printed, second print with white rolled over surface.

A selection of plates - inked and cleaned

It's late - been a very exciting day.  Now that I have the necessary
leads I will take photos of the resulting prints.  In the meanwhile,
The Indian Bazaar has been set up ready for opening tomorrow.

Time for bed I think!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Lots of bitty things to do, so brain can't settle until all filed.
Enter another Journal Quilt - this time for Just 10.  Mosaic
is the theme.   How to?  Well my take is flooring - printed
with thickened dyes, stitched with a grid.   Hmm... this
needs a little something else.  What about putting textile
paints on my DM's and walking on it.  That's better.

A Woman's Work is never Done

A little segment of brain empty.

Next on the agenda is preparing for The Indian Bazaar to be held 
over this weekend.  Scarves, embroidered bags, etc. gathered on
travels.   E-mail for details.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Magical Day

Fresh from touring Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, The Paper Cinema
appeared in Bristol Old Vic and held it's first childrens' workshop.
I got to help out.  Brilliant.   See link for some idea of the concept!
Think silent movie being performed before your eyes. No words,
only live music - a story with illustrations both beautiful and scary.  
I have to admit an interest here - proud Mum.

We had a great time, the children created paper puppets - tables
piled high with materials to use - cardboard, tissue, pens,
lots of glue was involved - and performed their own Paper Cinema.  
A few photos - very difficult lighting conditions, so just a little taste.

Nic  and Imogen giving a show for the children.

Other colourful characters soon appeared


Aspiring puppeteers

Friday, 8 May 2009


Not a lot of textile action this week.  Something 
different today though, a workshop on collagraphy.  
Fascinating, and the process can be used on textiles.

Sample boards made to get some idea of the process.
A lot of "backward" brain work, negative/positive, 
texture and tone etc. Cutting into mount boards, 
lots of gluing,  paper, string, leaves, oatmeal. Sealing
with shellac.  All very satisfyingly messy!

Next week, learning how to ink up boards and printing.

Three small boards ready to go.