Sunday, 10 March 2013

three shades of grey

Time for a visit to Blogland.    I've been busy doing other things.

Looking after Ben while Will took part in the Bath Half Marathon.
It was freezing cold.   Ben was very good and especially pleased
when Daddy crossed the finishing line, calls of "come on Daddy,
you can do it".   We were very pleased to have lunch in Carluccios
and warm up.    Not so pleased when sat nav took us on the scenic
route back home.   I use a tig tig and not a tom tom, so much more
reliable I think!

Then there was lots of paper work and admin to get through.

I dyed up a load of yarn, using up the dye stock from the Flags 
workshop.    I now have boxes full of lovely colours, including grey.
Where did that come from?    Plus browns and terracotta.   Not my
usual palette.     I do love the silver grey.

Time to consider the March Journal Quilt.  I was thinking along the
lines of Spring and sign of new green growth in the garden.   Ha, ha.
Still wet and soggy out there.

I have a bowl full of seed pods, bits of wood, stones and ceramics 
picked  up on my journeys.   A lovely lotus seed head called to me.

A page from my journal

I cut the block from a 'found' piece of flat sponge, which is mounted on
a scrap of foam board.   Tried a few samples which looked good.   The
fabric is now printed and waiting to be heat set tomorrow before I can
start stitching.

But, look at the samples on the left.  The chosen colour combination.
Terracotta, black and grey.  What's happening?!!!!   I need colour!!!!!!    

Help is at hand.   We are off to Rajasthan a week Monday, in time to
celebrate the Festival of Spring - Holi.    I should have my colour levels
fully restored by my return.   It's going to be mad.   Right now my hands 
are coloured with dye and paint, I suspect more of me will be coloured
by the time we return home on April Fools Day!