Saturday, 19 June 2010

It had to be done

Tidying the conservatory.  Left over dyes from 
Wednesday.  Two long silk vests - cream.   Why waste
the dyes?   So here we have a bundle of dyed
threads, two vests in a tray, and a hat!

A mix of blues and a little magenta

A unknown mix - result a terracotta with light mossy
green, pale yellows and blues, rather like verdegris.   
The mystery is where did this colour mix come from?  
Probably the pot I throw small amounts of dye to
 make 'murk'. As 'murks' go this is a good one.

Much better, I feel I can lurk unseen around 
the fishing boats.   Jury out on the hat.

Back to the clearing up.  Of course, I now have more
mess then when I started.

Friday, 18 June 2010

May Journal Quilt done!

Tick - the colour could 
be toned a bit to a rich 
magenta, but you
get the idea.

Tiny shisha, stitched and 
over stitched patches.
There are bits of 
screen printed and 
painted fabric.  A good
project to while away
the time at the exhibiton.

Holiday stitching, the
June J/Q of course, then I will be
all up to date

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Time to smell the roses

It's been a busy six 
weeks, filled with 
workshops and Dorset 
Arts Week thrown
in for good measure.

Yesterday a Shibori 
workshop with a 
fabulous group of 
ladies.  have to
say it was good to 
get dyeing again.

Father in law, now a 
frail 92, with dementia
kicking in big time, is 
off to a respite home
for two weeks.  

We are escaping to a Greek Island for  much needed 
break.  24/7 alarm clock switched off - hurrah.

In the meantime, clearing clutter, finishing off the 
May Journal Quilt and then I think packing might 
be high on the agenda.

There is Summer School to look forward to at the
beginning of July.  Later shibori and indigo 
workshops in the conservatory.   No need to pack and unpack 
all the essential workshop 'ingredients'. Raw Talent exhibition goes 
on 'tour' to Bridport in August.  In theory all ready to go!  We shall see.

In the meanwhile time to relax.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

A different view

My table/demo space.   Looking at wonderful greenery and plants.

My three indigo hangings.  The first one on the left, 
pukka piecing, the second one raw edge piecing,
and the third totally raw edge and hand stitching.
I love the feel of this quilt, it is calling for more of
the same to be cut up and made into a loose
Japanese style jacket.  In the background there
are barbecues and bags of charcoal.  Talking of
which, we have tandoori prawns on the go, just
about ready to enjoy - before himself gets
totally absorbed in the World Cup.  That will be 
me in the kitchen then!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

still catching up

It's lovely being a bit busy, a bit lazy and just doing - for the moment!

I rediscovered these pix from the last indigo dyeing session before
DAW.  Velvet and muslin scarves mainly, plus a little batik.

As a treat I bought these fab long handled tjantings.
Sparkling copper bowls, three different shaped
spouts, plus a double spout.  I doodled.

Here's the piece again on the line with
muslin scarves - third dip.  You'll have
to imagine!

Scrunchy marks on velvet.

I will be having Saturday Indigo days in August.
For more information, mail me, if you live
close by.

Must go and tidy myself up.   Open the dressing up
box for a suitable Indian outfit.  Giving a talk on Indian
textiles and a hands on dyeing session to teachers
as a Creative Twilight Session.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Well, hello.

Dorset Arts Week(s) finishes this weekend.   Been pretty busy, 
setting up, meeting and greeting, just being there over the weekends.    
Good fun though,and exhausting.   A couple of workshops thrown in 
for good measure.

A highlight of last week, you will have to indulge me here!  My son 
Will brought young Ben down for a stopover.  His first visit to 
Dorset.  The weather glorious and we found ourselves on the 
beach at 7.30am.

Ben's first paddle 

My turn.  Sandbanks and Shell Bay looking fabulous.
Only a few dog walkers at this time of day - later it
will  be crowded.

There are dolphins out in the bay.
This is the nearest I can get today,
the base of a Poole lamp post.

Drain cover

Sunny drain cover!

and finally, back to the dye plot to replenish 
dyed yarn.