Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Quiet time

It's been a hectic few weeks, getting the exhibition up
and running, workshops, and I believe somewhere in 
between Christmas celebrations.   An absolute pleasure
to consider the January Journal Quilt.

I had a pile of mono printed, dyed and rust dyed
fabrics piled on my table - as you do - for a day
or two.  They were not talking to me.  Until 4 am
one morning, so I had dash into my room, make
notes and here we have 'On a Winter's Day'

It's a collage of silk, monoprinted
silk organza, net with 'dots' and shisha.
Textured with lots of hand stitching.
The edges, within and without frayed.

Here's a detail

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Guerilla Dyeing

Yesterday a workshop with 'disadvantaged' children.  We had 
great fun.   Not only t shirts, but handkerchiefs, and a (small) 
towel were dyed.  The towel, not surprisingly, soaked up
 the dye.  A suitable candidate for The Apron.

Tomorrow I am teaching Tray Dyeing to adults, no chance
of a 'block print', might get a few splashes though.

Did I tell you I have a new car!!!   My beloved Peugeot 106
is no more.  We travelled the highways and byways for
twelve years.  Sun roof always a problem, warm 
showers in the summer and cold in the winter.   
Driving with a towel over my lap not a good option. 
In the cold of this winter, ice inside and out.   Now I 
have a new Peugeot 207, Special Edition, if you please, 
in Inari blue. No sunroof - no leaks, it's wonderful.

And there is a primrose flowering in the garden.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Another little treasure found.   An applique cushion cover that has seen better days, faded in parts,  but I still like it.

Into the dye pot it goes. Refreshed and renewed in blue.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Apron - Day 1

Yesterday was spent at the Mill.  The morning in the gallery 
to meet and greet.   The afternoon tie dye flags workshop 
for children. The first outing for The Apron.

Surprisingly it is relatively clean! We won't
mention my hands.

I particularly like these marks

Manipulated cloth spiral. 

When the cloth is dyed it is placed on newspaper.
The image left reminds me of a Charles Renee 
MacKintosh rose.  I have saved papers in the past, 
should consider using white paper.  This time I used
the wet cloth as a printing block.  Nice.

Nine children and my friend Imogen as helper.
No problem, except one seven year old boy who
suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
 Oh yes, he brought along his little brother. Chaos. 
Lots of dripping dye, rubber glove hand prints.
You get the picture. The Apron escaped - magic,
and protective. 

Friday, 15 January 2010


Workroom almost squeaky clean, I can see surfaces.
Little diversions and discoveries such as this little quilt
made more years ago than I care to mention.  It has
been languishing in the back of a cupboard.   A
suitable case for recycling.  Obviously it does not need
over dyeing!   The centre panel is a hand stitched
Indian embroidery motif on calico.  This needs some
tiny self coloured stitched to the background. The plan 
is to cut it up and make a bag for my camera.

Tomorrow is the first dyeing workshop of the year.
I always mean to buy either chef's whites or 
decorators overalls, as a canvas.   I had a look
around and decided that perhaps I would just
make a big wrap around apron.  By the end of
the year it should be quite colourful. On the
way home I popped into our local charity shop
and found two beautiful white cotton sheets,
so soft after much washing, just the things.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


My friend Donna has a birthday today, 
so with the tiny handful of scraps 
leftover from the Blue Moon quilt I 
made this.  A blue moon star.

Still trying to get the house in some 
sort of order,but then there are 
distractions, like making a star.

I shall spent the rest of the day stewarding the exhibition, 
another distraction.  I am easily swayed.

Monday, 11 January 2010


The launch went well on Saturday.   The weather freezing, so it 
was especially nice to welcome visitors who braved the cold.

The fabulous exhibition space on Saturday morning, last
minute twiddling going on.  

Will arrived with his photomontage in the morning, big
sighs of relief all round.  Here it is at the other end of
the gallery, plus Caroline and myself having a last
look around and tidy up.

It was a long, but lovely day.   The Paper Cinema gave
two performances which finished at 7.30pm.  The central
displays were reinstated, chairs returned upstairs, then
home.  Keith and I had a well deserved glass or two of
red before collapsing into bed.   Definitely a cure for
insomnia.  I slept for a full eleven hours!

I am gradually getting the house back into shape.  
Christmas decorations down, only a day or two late.
I found my Walkman, a constant companion as I
wander around plugged in to Radio 4.  It was buried
under exhibition packaging.  

Now a little time to reflect.   Looking at various 
quilts and hangings from a distance it is 
interesting.  A long view.   New mixed
 with old.  Different techniques - new skills.   

I will go along on Wednesdays to steward the 
exhibition and ponder.  Make lists, scribble 
ideas and take along a slow cloth whilst I

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Almost there

Nic taking time out looking at the huge Paper
Cinema comic.

Tomorrow last touches, and we are ready to go.
Launch on Saturday, should be great fun.
Live music in the afternoon, meeting and
greeting, followed by a performance by
The Paper Cinema.  Then collapso.

Trusting the weather will be kind and we are
not either iced or snowed in!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

work in progress

Well, we escaped the huge amounts of snow forecast last night.
This morning the snow arrived in gentle flurries, but persistent.

The exhibition is beginning to take shape.  Keith's artwork for Snow 
White and The Seven Dwarfs alongside one of my hangings
 and framed pencil roughs.

Nic joined us late morning with the ingredients for The Paper Cinema.   

We are eagerly awaiting Will's photomontage - he should be back in
 the country now, having flown back from Delhi last night.

I'll post more pix when the exhibition is up and running on Saturday.  
What a treat to see all our artwork exhibited in one space.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Mr. Frost pays a visit

Yet another cold and frosty day.

All exhibits for Raw Talent packed and delivered today.
Now I really should tidy up workshop, no excuses.
Tomorrow, weather permitting - we are promised
more than a light dusting of snow - I will be helping
to set up the exhibition.    It has been a bit nail biting
getting it altogether, but we've made it.

Anyone for wine and nibbles at Walford Mill on
Saturday afternoon?

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy First Day of 2010

A beautiful morning, ice blue sky, frosty with a chill wind.  Time to go out and greet the new year.   Wrapped up in layers, topped with an Indian woven wool shawl, and shod with Ugg boots, I was snug and ready to venture out into the day.  We went to Swanage on the coast for a naughty feast of fish and chips - eaten direct from the paper.   Oh dear, standards are dropping!!!    

On to Durleston Park, the very edge of England!   To the south France 73 miles away, to the east the Isle of Wight, and to the west South America.   

Our World Heritage Coastline, or Jurrasic coast.   Out to sea on the horizon a couple of tankers, plus a ghost ship.  A square rigger perhaps.  I wonder where it was going to or coming from?

Enough said

I'd rather be in India!  The famous globe carved in Purbeck stone.

Durleston Head lighthouse and the
westering sun.

Now back home and thawing out.  It was good to walk the coastal path again. Resolution - must do more of this.  Wonky back and ankle are no excuse, and the exercise is good for both mind, body, and soul.  

The countdown has begun for the trip to India.  Hurrah.  Must get the visas and tickets sorted next week.  What a good start to the year.